Mesoporous carbon CMK-3




Product name : Mesoporous carbon CMK-3

Product description :
Mesoporous carbon, a new type of non-silicon material has attracted extensive attention due to its high specific surface area (up to 2500m2/ g) and pore volume (up to 2.25cm3/ g), is expected to be used in the field of catalyst carrier, hydrogen storage, electrode materials and other technological areas. Generally, the mesoporous materials owing high electric double-layer capacitance and excellent rate capacity, and there have much higher than the commercially available metal oxide. Compared with pure mesoporous silicon material, mesoporous carbon material exhibits the special properties, such as high specific surface area, high porosity, adjustable of pore size within a certain range, diverse mesoporous shape, structure and properties adjustable, high thermal stability and hydrothermal stability, simple synthesis and low physiological toxicity.
Besides, the present CMK-3 owing ordered mesoporous pore structure, pore size (3-10 nm), specific surface area (500-1500 m2/g), pore ​​volume (0.7-1.5 cc / g). The high specific surface area and pore volume, good electrical conductivity, excellent biocompatibility as well as corrosion resistance characteristics of CMK-3, make it has great potential used in the field of electrochemistry, catalyst carrier, column adsorbent, and protein separation.

CMK-3 data:
sample pore diameter specific surface area Total pore volume Micropore volume Porosity
CMK-3C1 3.9nm 1201m2/g 1.36cm3/g 0.18cm3/g 3.7%

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